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Travel tips

  • All QAZKOM cards are international and operate at almost every country. The range of choice is wide and varies from economy class Visa Electron and Cirrus / Maestro cards to respectable Visa Gold and MasterCard Platinum.

    To understand which card suits you more you need to decide how you will use it during the travel. You can easily pay with Visa Electron or Cirrus / Maestro cards at stores however for example if you plan to pay with a card for car rental you need a card with the class not lower than Visa Classic and MasterCard Standard. You should also keep in mind that some hotels do not accept Visa Electron or Cirrus / Maestro due to payment terminal limitations. Choose a card

  • When planning your trip check the payment cards validity not to find yourself abroad with the card expired. If the card expires during a trip you can reissue it in advance by contacting QAZKOM office.

  • For traveling abroad we strongly recommend to have two cards of different payment systems (f.e. Visa and MasterCard). In this caseyou will avoid uncomfortable situation when for technical reasons it is impossible to make an operation with a card of a particular payment system.

  • If you have a significant credit limit or a large amount of money you need to pay more attention to safety of making transactions abroad. Our recommendation is to have different cards for different categories of transactions. For example a card to pay in restaurants, nightclubs, souvenir shops, grocery stores and so on. You can set a certain spending limit (according to your choice), for example 500 US Dollars per day/week/month. For larger transactions in hotels, car rental agencies, jewelry stores, air and railway ticket offices, you can use another card, without spending limit. Read more about safety rules when using cards

  • If you cash out from an ATM you receive money in the currency of the host country. That is in the United States - in dollars, in Italy - in euro. Conversion rate is calculated automatically by the payment centers of Visa and MasterCard payment systems and in most cases it is much better than the one at the exchange offices.

    When paying for goods and services the conversion rate of Visa and MasterCard payment systems is also used, if your card is linked to the account in the currency other than the currency of the transaction (for example, you pay for a purchase in euro with your card account in tenge).

  • If you plan to withdraw a large amount of cash on the trip, it is important to remember that some coutries have limitation on cash withdrawal. Usually in the amount of 5000 US dollars per day. This limitation can apply to both ATMs and cash desks.

  • If you have roaming all options of QAZKOM SMS-banking are available for you outside of Kazakhstan. SMS-banking can be very useful in a foreign country as it can help to efficiently control all operations on your cards. We strongly recommend that all our customers traveling abroad activate this service, especially those traveling to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the US and the UK.

  • If your card is lost or stolen you need to inform the bank as soon as possible. Safety of your money on the card directly depends on how quickly you inform the Call Center employees on the loss / theft of the card. You can also block the card with SMS-banking. More details about card blocking in case of theft or loss.

  • The Bank continuously monitors all transactions made by QAZKOM cardholders. And if a transaction is in doubt (for example, because of the large amount or unusual venue), the payment terminal will give the following answer "Contact the issuing bank" (response with code 01 «Refer to card issuer» or «Call Issuer»). According to the rules of international payment systems, a trade/service point that obtained such answer must contact its servicing bank and perform an operation with "special regime", that implies additional authentity check of the card and the person who uses it. However, trade and service points in case of such response do not always follow the instructions, but often simply refuse to service the customer. This is a violation of the rules established by international payment systems. In this case you need to call our 24/7 call-center and cancel the limit to conduct the current operation or cancel the limit for the duration of the trip. If you plan to make transactions on large amounts during travel, it is better to cancel the limits in advance.

  • Urgent issue of cash and temporary card service is available to Cardholders of Visa Classic and MasterCard Standard as well as for cards of higher class. If you need to have one of these services (due to card loss or theft), simply call our call-center and tell

    • The amount of cash that you need (up to 5000 US dollars)
    • Your phone number
    • The country and the city of your stay
    • The language which you will talk to the operator of the global Visa or MasterCard customer service (Russian or English).

    You will be contacted by the operator of the global Visa or MasterCard customer service and tell you where and how you can get money.

Do you have any questions? Please contact our call-center