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Card services

    • Do you travel a lot and concerned about safety of your card?
    • Do you find it difficult to remember your card's PIN code?
    • Do you think where to write the PIN code down safetly?

    Create your PIN! You can change the PIN code of your QAZKOM payment card to any combination of 4 figures that you select

    For this you need proceed the following way

    • Insert your payment card toQAZKOM ATM
    • Enter your existing PIN code
    • Select Card properties option in the menu
    • Select PIN code change option in the menu
    • Enter a new PIN code
    • Repeat the new PIN code
    • That's it. Do not forget to get your payment card and receipt confirming the operation. The new PIN code is ready to use immediately
    • The service fee is determined in accordance with QAZKOM tariffs valid on the operation date.

    In case you forgot your PIN code

    Call our call-center +7 727 2 585-111, 90 8 8000 8000 (toll-free for Kazakhstan) or contact any QAZKOM office.

  • Card loss or theft

    In case of loss or theft of your QAZKOM card block your card as soon as possible by calling the 24/7 call-center +7 727 2-585-25, +7 727 2-952-930, 8 8000 90 8000 (toll-free for Kazakhstan). Provide the staff with your full name, passport details and your keyword, specified in the card-issuing statement. QAZKOM manager will block your card and tell you what to do next.

    Your telephone request for blocking must be confirmed by submitting a written application to the QAZKOM office within 2 working days from the date of your call.

    If your card was removed

    In case of card withdrawal at bank's office or a trade outlet you should demand the special document that is dated, the time is mentioned, reason for withdrawal described. All these should be signed by the manager who removed the card. Then immediately call 24/7 QAZKOM call-center on +7 727 2-585-25, +7 727 2-952-930, 8 8000 90 8000 (toll-free for Kazakhstan).

  • You can reissue your card if it has been damaged. In case your card is lost or stolen, make sure that you have promptly blocked your account via the bank's call-center at +7 727 2-585-25, +7 727 2-952-930, 8 8000 8000 90 (toll-free for Kazakhstan) or on mobile application.

    To reissue a card you need

    • Visit any QAZKOM office
    • Fill in the card-reissuing application
    • Or use Internet-banking

    As a rule the cost of reissue is the same as for card issue. It can be free of charge to the holders of premium packages. More details on Tariffs | Fees page

  • SMS-banking - is an additional tool to control your card transactions! This service allows you any time 

    • Get information about the money balance on the card
    • Control account replenishment and card transactions
    • Inform the bank to block the card in case of loss / theft / unauthorized access
    • Get SMS every time when any changes occur with your card

    You can subscribe only with the necessary services of SMS-banking

    • Active services. By submitting a SMS request, you can
      • get information on your card balance
      • get mini report on 10 previous transactions with your card 
      • block your card in case of loss / theft / unauthorized access
    • SMS-notification + Active services. You will automatically receive SMS-notifications about all cards' transactions. Furthermore you can always use Active services. You can set:
      • SMS-notification for one or several payment cards
      • Threshold amount you would like to receive SMS-notifications (for example, for all card transactions over 1000 tenge)
      • Transactions upu prefer to receive SMS-notification (for all card transactions or the card replenishment only, or card transactions made outside the Republic of Kazakhstan, etc.)

    Payment for SMS-banking services is made in accordance with the tariffs applicable on the date of service use. Payment for mobileservices is made in accordance with the signed agreement between the cardholder and the relevant operator.

    How to start using SMS-banking

    1. Complete a simple registration process via QAZKOM ATMs

    • Insert the card into the ATM, choose the language and enter the PIN code
    • Select "SMS-banking" operation and the type of service
    • Go step by step the registration process for the SMS-banking selected services in acordance with proposed ATM instructions

    2. Or subscribe to the service on

    Step 1. Add Delivery Address

    • Go through the references chain Cabinet - My Notifications
    • Go to the "delivery address". Select "SMS notification" as a delivery method and click "Next"
    • Enter the mobile phone number (to send SMS notifications to) and then click "Add"
    • Confirmation code for address activation will instantly be sent
    • Enter this code in the "Code" field in the opened notification settings page and click "Confirm"

    Step 2. Add notification

    • Go back to Notifications page and click "Add notification"
    • Select the operation you would like to receive notifications and click "Next"
    • Select the next desired operation and click "Next"
    • You will add one operation every time returning to the starting point untill you do not add all the operations you are interested in
    • You can adjust (remove / add new) operations any time

    Step 3. Activate the notification system

    Call our call-center on (727) 258-53-34, 258-54-44 (for Almaty), 58-53-34 (direct phone for Astana, Aktau, Aktobe, Atyrau, Karaganda, Kokshetau, Kostanay, Kyzylorda, Pavlodar, Petropavlovsk, Taldykorgan, Taraz, Shymkent, Uralsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk) 8 8000 8000 90 (free line for Kazakhstan).

    How to activate "Active services"

    Create an SMS-message on your mobile phone

    • To get information about the card balance - type "bal" and the last 4 digits of your card number (f.e. bal5879) and send to 7000
    • To get a mini report - type "stm" and the last 4 digits of your card number (f.e. stm5879) and send to 7000
    • To block a card - type "block" and the last 4 digits of your card number (f.e. block5879) and send to 7000
    • Within the next few seconds you will receive the requested information as a SMS-message.

    How to change the mobile number that is connected to the service, or to change the threshold amount of card transactions

    Use any QAZKOM ATM

    • Insert a card to ATM (any of your cards registered for SMS-banking service), select the input language and enter the PIN code
    • Select "SMS-banking" operation and then "Subscribe"
    • Select "Phone number and / or the threshold amount change" option, enter a new threshold or a new mobile phone number and wait until the operation is complete.

    How to block "SMS-notification + Active services" temporarily in case of loss / theft of mobile phone

    In case of your mobile phone loss / theft / delivery to the use by third party you can temporarily deactivate "SMS-notification + Active services" using any QAZKOM ATM

    • Insert a card into an ATM (any of your cards registered for SMS-banking service), select the input language and enter the PIN code
    • Select "SMS-banking" operation
    • Select "Block/unblock SMS" and wait until the action is complete
    • You can unblock "SMS-notification + Active services" at any time during the term of subscription to the service

    How to unsubscribe the SMS-banking service

    Use any QAZKOM ATM

    • Insert a card to ATM (any of your cards registered for SMS-banking service), select the language and enter the PIN code
    • Select "SMS-banking" operation and then "Unsubscribe"
    • Indicate the unsubscription type (one card, all cards) and wait till the operation is complete