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Treasury operations

  • QAZKOM is a primary dealer and one of the main operators on the market of government securities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We are ready to offer brokerage services on the securities market.

    Government securities purchase and sale operations take place at the auctions on the primary market, at the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange, directly from the bank’s portfolio under the Kazkommertsbank quotations. The bank and the client sign the Agreement for brokerage services, within the framework of which individual client orders are fulfilled. Our dealers will always advise you on offers of the government securities market, market price levels, and also they can assist you in investing your funds in the best way possible, depending on your needs.


    Repo operations with government securities – buying government securities from the client on condition to sell them back to this customer at a fixed price – in fact they represent loans against the government securities.

  • QAZKOM, one of the largest operators on the Kazakhstan currency market, offers its clients foreign currency purchase and sale operations at the preferential conversion rate.

    Individual conversion rates may be granted for amounts above 100 000 US dollars (equivalent in other currencies). Individual conversion rates are granted on the basis of estimates to the day for all currencies (the procedure of writing off and crediting of sold and bought currency in a single day).

    Receiving individual rate amounts to concluding a foreign currency purchase and sale transaction, where both parties commit themselves to the fulfillment of obligations.

    The client’s authorized person may directly contact the Treasury Department dealers (+7 727 258 52 25) for receiving individual rate, forecasts and recommendations, together with the consultation on the individual rate receipt procedure itself, whenever the need for conducting conversion operations arises.

  • "Short money" market

    QAZKOM, as one of the largest operators on the interbank "short money" market, offers its services in raising temporarily free (from 1 day) funds of the clients.

    Bank-client relationships are formalized in the Agreement on deposit operations. In case there are temporarily free funds on the client account, one of the parties suggests another party placing these funds in the bank under the quotations that are determined on the basis of the interbank “short money” market’s conjuncture and the government securities market.

    Funds are accepted both in tenge and in foreign currencies.
    Your deposits may also serve as collateral in the conduct of conversion and forward operations.

  • In order to view the level of deposit rates, please, follow the link.

  • QAZKOM has always striven to stay ahead of the market and, in doing so, the bank has been causing positive impact on its development. QAZKOM is actively working with the financial instruments that are new to the Kazakhstani market, namely structured products and derivatives, thereby extending its range of services in the area of trading operations. Nowadays insurance of exchange risks has proven very popular throughout the world. The bank's specialists are always ready to counsel clients at all stages of strategy development, preparation and conduct of insurance transactions.

    Hedging risks means the use of derivatives for reducing market risks.

    Common hedging instruments

    • Forward conversion operations – client’s obligation to buy or sell foreign currency at the rate that was fixed at the time of the transaction, the settlement of which shall not take place earlier than three working days from the date of its conclusion.
      For instance, a company is obtaining loans in US dollars (they become obligations in foreign currency), whereas it is earning revenues in tenge. In a given situation, if the company wants to insure itself against possible losses caused by US dollar appreciation, it concludes the forward to purchase US dollars. The company no longer depends on exchange rate fluctuations and knows exactly how much tenge must be prepared by the repayment date. A similar situation exists for a company that is an exporter, earns revenues in foreign currency and wants to insure itself against possible losses caused by the currency depreciation.