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  • Conversion operations
  • Brokerage service
  • Attraction of clients' deposits
  • Hedging exchange risks
  • Levels of deposit rates


  • Encashment by the bank’s cash collection service
  • Delivery of coins or banknotes
  • Reception, recounting and crediting (transfer) of cash into the client’s account
  • Changing cash for a follow-up delivery to the client
  • Accompanying clients with cash
  • Accompanying clients with other valuables


  • POS terminals
  • Minipos terminals
  • Internet acquiring
  • Application for retail and service providers
  • Go! bonus programme

Safe deposit vault

  • Rental period of safe deposit boxes - from 1 day to 12 months
  • Secure access to the safe deposit box
  • Provision of banking devices for cash recount and verification of the authenticity
  • It is possible to grant other person access to your safe deposit box
  • The wide range of safe deposit box sizes

Сustody services

  • Opening of your account in relation to money, issue-grade securities and other financial instruments
  • Record-keeping of money, issue-grade securities and other financial instruments
  • Paying agent role in dealing with issue-grade securities and other financial instruments
  • Registration of securities transactions pursuant to the clients’ orders
  • Receipt of income earned on securities and crediting of those funds into the clients’ accounts
  • Storage of documentary securities
  • Execution of the clients’ orders according to their contents

Сurrency control

  • Operational services on issues related to the country’s currency law requirements
  • Сonsultations (recommendations) on the existing currency law requirements
  • Assignment of an account number to the contract in accordance with the Form in Annex 1
  • Provision of information on currency transaction reports that are provided to the National Bank